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1) Dark brown leather 3-4 seat sofa with large storage footstool and two leather cushions. The bolt-on arm on the sofa had to be removed when it was delivered, but was quickly replaced with a power tool. The same thing would need to be done to move it out. 2) King size bed. Wooden frame, good clean mattress. Frame can be dismantled. Ready to collect in over a week. 3) Round pine table 90cm diameter. Some wear to table top. 4) Wood and canvas (cream) director chair. Folds for storage. 5) Folding wooden chair 6) Folding desk 7) Thunderbirds toys. Not collectors items as there are bits missing, but might amuse a young Thunderbird fan. Tracy Island set and a large Thunderbird 2. They both have batteries and the sounds/parts still work. I also have a a couple of slightly faded Thunderbird duvet sets (single). 8) Three space saving chairs. Metal frame, with mdf triangular seats. There should have been 4, and they're space saving when placed together around a table. Offering on the very slim chance that someone might be able to complete the set! :-) 9) Panasonic microwave with grill. This item works but the cover is loose on one side. I'm offering it as someone who knows about these things may be able to check the safety aspect. I would prefer not to throw it away if it can still be used! Contact me for further details/photos